GoMoto Showroom is patented experiential marketing technology that modernizes car buying, enabling OEMs and dealers to engage consumers, capture analytics and measure advertising ROI.


What is GoMoto Showroom?

GoMoto Showroom revolutionizes the dealership and autoshow experiences. Acting as a virtual product specialist, our gesture controlled tower bridges the gap between sales personnel, traditional print collateral and online vehicle advertising to reach a rapidly evolving consumer base. GoMoto Showroom captivates car shoppers with interactive technology and provides perfect information on demand. This ultimately increases customer engagement, drives premium level leads and improves sales conversion rates.

How It Works

GoMoto’s 47” motion sensing tower prompts customers to interact independently through the use of gestures to navigate and learn about an OEM or dealer's product lineup. When sales personnel are involved, the tower can be used during walkarounds and demonstrations to help focus a customer on a specific model or vehicle. With up-to-date and accurate vehicle information from the factory, the tower also serves as a powerful training tool. The tower's large format display enables sales staff to provide customers with side-by-side comparisons of multiple models and trim levels.

Equipped with camera sensors and facial recognition functionality, the GoMoto Showroom goes beyond an informational resource and turns into a powerful demographic and analytics engine. It can capture showroom traffic, tower interactions, repeat visits, customer origins, age, ethnicity, gender, interests, expressions, dwell time and sales effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's required to install and launch GoMoto Showroom?

All that’s required is an electrical outlet. The tower is powered by Verizon 4G LTE wireless technology and is remotely monitored and administered through GoMoto’s cloud platform. For dealers, GoMoto manages the entire inventory integration at no cost. All that's required is contact information for your inventory management system (i.e. Homenet).

Is this kiosk hard to use?

Not at all. All sales personnel receive free on-site training by a GoMoto representative, and customers easily navigate the tower using innate gestures and on-screen prompts.

What data can the tower capture?

GoMoto Showroom is completely customizable and collects comprehensive demographic and analytic information about who your customers are and what they’re shopping for. Factors including floor traffic, customer origin and facial expressions, in addition to all the traditional statistics such as user impressions and conversions are tracked in real-time.

Why is GoMoto data so powerful?

GoMoto is state-of-the-art technology that is changing the showroom and autoshow experience forever by providing the ultimate “wow-factor” for your customers. Our experiential displays and patented technology produce a perpetual focus group that provides OEMs and dealers with unfiltered real-time connectivity to its customer base. This enables OEMs and dealers to accurately measure the effectiveness of advertising and better target marketing initiatives in the future.

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GoMoto Showroom rates from $1,500/month including installation, training, service and analytics.


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